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The foundation of a new generation - Ground screws GS PILLAR

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GSPillar.com has a huge range and different types of our own produced groundscrews that suit any construction you could ever imagine.

GSPillar.com has a huge range and different types of our own produced groundscrews that suit any construction you could ever imagine.

KRINNER products can be used for many different applications in sustainable construction, traffic engineering and infrastructure as well as for home improvement.

KRINNER products can be used for many different applications in sustainable construction, traffic engineering and infrastructure as well as for home improvement.


each ground screw tested and certified before packing

G Profile ground screws are equipped with either one, three or four threaded screws. They are ideally suited for the quick, vertical and permanent installation of masts and fence posts, for example. Optionally, the fence posts, for example, can also be quickly and permanently fixed into place with the special granulate.


U-profile ground screws have been specially designed for regularly-dimensioned timber beams. U-profile ground screw is the best choice for the fast and simple mounting of vertical and horizontal timber beams.

E-profile ground screws can be optionally equipped with an excentre set depending on the application. The excentre set allows you to make precise adjustments and ensures a perfect, vertical positioning of the object that you want to install. The system is particularly suitable for the resonance and vibration dampening installation of poles and masts for example.

F Profile ground screws are equipped with round or square flanges. The fixation of the bearing object made possible by this ensures the highest possible stability and safety, even with large or extreme structural loads.

K Profile ground screws are made from extremely durable special plastic and are guaranteed to last. Thanks to the conical form and through the use of the special granulate as a filling material, the foundation can achieve considerable stability. This series is particularly suitable for installing fence and sign posts.

X Profil ground screws were developed for special applications. This product can be used to produce made-to-measure foundations. The screws are tailor-made individually according to construction requirements.

Ground anchors are used to stretch and secure different structures in the ground. They are used to secure chains, ropes, wires, ribbing ties and various temporary structures.

⌀ 114 mm profile screw piles are suitable as a base for large and heavy constructions such as wooden summer houses, saunas, gazebos, terraces and bridges.

Various installation tools will help to quickly, reliably, simply as well as efficiently complete the installation of the foundation on screw piles and get a reliable and stable foundation.


Groundscrews.shop has a huge range of different types of ground screws that suit any construction you could ever imagine. Our team will consult you regarding any type or any purpose of use and will definitely advise you the best solution for your needs.

Solar system

GSPillar is a value-based manufacturer, producing high quality, and high efficiency ground screw foundation for solar panels. 
Ground-mounted pillars penetrate the ground-surface to stabilize the rack structure and have a variety of foundation ground screws. Soil composition, local climate conditions, module size, array tilt and other features of the proposed site and array influence what makes a ground-mount foundation the right fit for an individual solar project.
Ground screws are support beams, made of high quality steel, that are driven into the ground at a pre-determined depth. The superstructure of the rack and panels is then attached to those beams. The size and the length of the beam (ground screws) are determined by site conditions and array configurations.
Driven beams are inexpensive, and may be constructed more quickly and simply than other foundation methods. 

Terrace and Decking

GSPillar ground screw piles are anchored into the ground under the frost line which means that they are resistant to temperature fluctuations. Also, the screw set at the bottom of the pile solidly anchors it down into the ground to prevent any movement. GSpillar ground screws are different sized, that allows you to work with all kind of timber to support the deck. As well as fixed dimensions of bracket are available, GSPillar ground screw accessories allow to install adjustable brackets for any timber size. GSPiles are made of hot dip galvanized steel to ward off oxidation. They are easy to install into the ground, so that you can start building the frame and decking within couple of hours. Once installed, the screw piles are immediately ready to support the new structure, an incredible time saver!

Fence and pole foundation

From wooden privacy fences to temporary fencing for the construction and event industries, ground screws provide a durable, permanent, yet removable and re-usable foundation for all fencing needs. Quick to install without the need for concrete footings or post holes, our solutions dramatically reduce labor and material costs while minimizing environmental impact. No digging, alignment or concreting. Installation of ground screw takes up to 15 minutes with all necessary preparation works. Afterwards insert the pole, whether it is round or square tube, fix it with bolts (nuts) that are included and add fence panels or mesh, fasten the signpost, support post or a flag pole.

Summerhouses, sheds, outdoor saunas & large garden buildings

The head of a screw pile is either flat or u-shaped. Many GSPillar DIY types of the screw pile offer u-shaped heads that can hold a 70-120 mm wide wood post. The vertical part of the U-bracket is usually around 130-150 mm high. The other type to support any construction or a frame is M-profile ground screw with hexagon flange, which allow for the user to either add their adjustable bracket or simply support a lateral beam. Heavy Duty ground screws are able to stand extremely high loads without any movements or destructions for years. The simplest and the fastest way to install the HD ground screws is with the help of Ground Screw Drivers, that are available for rent. If necessary, our professional installation teams may assist all the necessary steps and processes.

Carports & sporting facilities

You can install PSPillar piles in nearly any type of weather – unless the ground is completely frozen (but who wants to work outside then, anyway?) Once your piles are installed, you can begin building your structure on top of them immediately. No waiting for the concrete to dry. Moreover, there is absolutely zero, or very little, mess to clean up afterward. If you want to protect your nicely landscaped lawn, then the ground screw is the only way to go. While this might not be a selling feature to most, these GSPillar ground screws can be re-used. For shed owners or kids sporting facilities in the yard, this should be a huge plus. If you use easily disassembled structure to build your shed, then moving it five years later would be a piece of cake. Though concrete means it is there for life.


of our products

Own production


30-50 years lifetime

Quick, easy and time-saving installation

Safe and stable foundation

High quality technology

No digging or concrete

Removable at anytime or place

NO rust
NO peeling

Tested and certified before packing

High grade quality S235 steel
Hot dip galvanized


we produce range of accessories to offer you more flexibility

M adapter — created to adopt G profile to M profile needs. Product developed for changing construction from G profile to M profile, without dismantling groundscrew.

M adapter

Transforms G profile to M profile
U adapter — created to adopt G profile to U profile needs. Product developed for changing construction from M profile to U profile, without dismantling groundscrew.

U adapter

Transforms M profile to U profile, bracket 81mm
Transforms M profile to adjustable U profile

L adapter

Transforms M profile to adjustable U profile
Transforms G profile to L profile (one bracket)

G to L adapter

Transforms G profile to L profile (one bracket)

Equipment for installation

install your ground screws fast and easy!

Installing 3 metters high screws it is easier to use tripod, that possible to rent. For smaller screws use regular drill.

All equipment